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  • Commercial & Domestic
  • Emergency Blocked Drain Service
  • Solutions for Internal Drainage
  • Camera Surveying and Reporting
  • Drain Relining and Repairs

About Yates's

We are a family owned and operated Drainage Company working throughout Doncaster. We are able to safely and professionally unblock both Domestic and commercial drains.

We guarantee our workmanship and offer a free camera inspection to confirm any of our findings to you our customers.

We have put together a few info pages about drains why they block, how to unblock, and a few things to help prevent blockages in the future.

Drain and Sewer Repair

Rehabilitation, Relining & Drainage Renovation

  • Commercial & Domestic
  • Dropped, Collapsed Drains Repair
  • Tree Root Cutting
  • Excavation and no Dig Repair Systems
  • Patch Relining and Pipe Rehabilitation
  • Drain Relining and Repairs

Guaranteed Workmanship

We can repair broken and slow internal and external drains either by excavation or camera surveying. Internal kitchen and bathroom drain pipes including sinks and showers can be unblocked using the re fit method or by using pressurised water.

Camera Surveying and Reporting

State of the Art CCTV Inspection Service

  • Self Contained Camera Survey Vehicle
  • Remote Controlled Crawler and Boroscope Survey
  • High Quality Imaging with Recording Facility

Transparency in all our Work

If you suspect that your drains are not functioning correctly we offer a drain CCTV inspection service.

Our CCTV cameras are designed to image the internals of drains and sewars with the facility to record to DVD to show you exactly what the problems are.

We can provide a quotation to rectify any identified problems or you can obtain, using our evidence a quote from any company you choose.

Contracted Drainage Works Team

Partner Relationships with Yates's Jetting

  • Health Service
  • Local Education
  • Car parking and Forecourt
  • National Coverage
  • Competitive Rates

Education, Health, Retail and Warehouse

We offer a genuine 24 hour service for businesses, local education & Academy Schools. Drains are the first parts of our properties to be overlooked when maintenance budgets become constrained.

Unfortunately operational drainage systems are business critical, when they stop working so does the business.

Yates’s provide Tailor made maintenance packages to suit you and your business model.

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